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Welcome to Piedmont Fit Club

A fun, outdoor group workout class in Piedmont Park

Jogging Girls

About The Workout

This is not a bootcamp. 
It's an outdoor workout class and community of people coming together to make exercise more fun, interactive, and effective. 
I won't yell at you. I won't make you do 1000 burpees. I won't let you use bad form!
Many group exercise classes are impersonal, and that's fine if you know what you're doing and you don't want to interact, but too often I see a class full of potential injuries due to poor form, inexperience, and an instructor who is pushing for higher reps and more sweat rather than teaching attendees how to do exercises properly, so that they get stronger and better, not injured and worn out. 
Don't get me wrong--you WILL sweat! You will work hard. But you'll work within your capacity. This class is for everyone--if you're an experienced gym-goer looking to change up your routine and meet some people, I'll give you progressions and challenges to meet your advanced level. If you're just getting back into exercise or brand-new to strength training and HIIT-style workouts, I will make sure you feel confident in what you're doing and that you're doing it safely.

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About Coach KJ

I've been working in fitness and wellness for over 10 years in NYC and LA. Having just moved back to ATL after being gone for 12 years, I'm eager to meet people, create community, and share my enthusiasm and expertise in fitness, in a fun and safe environment. 

I'm a personal trainer, yoga instructor, stretch therapist, and running coach. I've taught all ages, abilities, and styles and have probably attended classes at 100 studios. I love the energy and accountability of group classes, but what drives me insane is the often neglected aspect of teaching proper form and technique. Without these, the movements are less effective at best, and potentially dangerous at worst. I've also seen some clique-iness in classes that can be off-putting to newcomers. I aim to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. 

A genuine community around a common goal is integral to the success of reaching that goal, and I hope to help create that. Another crucial aspect of sticking with a fitness class or regimen is enjoying the workout itself and liking the instructor. I also hope to deliver on both! I'm very personable and open to any questions or feedback. This may be my class, but it's your workout and your health. We are in it together. 

I truly hope that we all get to know each other and make long-lasting friendships while getting outside, working up a sweat, and feeling great. But at the very least, you'll certainly improve your strength, muscle tone, endurance, cardiorespiratory health, and confidence.

What to Expect: 

Commitment, Accountability, Camaraderie

This class is not for one-time drop-ins. Accountability and commitment are crucial to the success of a fitness program. This group meets for 13-week (spring/fall) and 6-week (summer/winter) sessions, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I encourage you to stick with one class time (morning or evening), but you can certainly attend a different time as your schedule dictates.
In my experience, both professional and personal, working out at the same time on the same days is more likely to create success: make it a non-negotiable part of your weekly schedule and before long it becomes habit, not obligation. And your new friends at Piedmont Fit Club look forward to seeing you, so show up!

The Workout:

Classes are 1 hour long, including warm-up and stretch. 
Every day will be different. Tuesdays will focus slightly more on strength and you will need minimal equipment (see "equipment" above). Thursdays you won't need anything other than your mat/towel and water bottle; we will use body weight for strength, amp up the cardio, incorporate team challenges and even old-school field day type games. We will use interval variations such as EMOM, AMRAP, and Tabata to keep things interesting. (No idea what an EMOM is? Great--you'll learn!) Every class will be both challenging and satisfying.

Is It Right for Me?

Most likely, yes. 

  • If you're young and healthy and want to get at it, I'll make sure you do.

  • If you're an experienced athlete who wants to mix up your cross-training or balance out your training without jeopardizing it, I'll help you do both.

  • If you've been on an extended break from exercise and need to ease in, I got you. 

  • If you're a new mom, busy professional, or someone who has just not been able to prioritize exercise in a while, welcome! 

  • If you hate exercise, give us a shot. If you still hate it, let's talk one-on-one about some ways to be active that you do enjoy. 

  • If you have movement restrictions, we can modify anything we do.

  • If you are coming off a recent injury, surgery, or illness, I may require additional clearance from your doctor. Your safety and wellbeing is my priority. 

If you're still not sure, please drop me an email and let's discuss. 

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